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Victor Ivrii:
(a)  Find Wronskian  $W(y_1,y_2)(x)$ of a fundamental set of solutions $y_1(x) , y_2(x)$ for ODE 
(b) Check that $y_1(x)=x$ is a solution and find another linearly independent solution.
(c) Write the general solution,  and find solution such that ${y(0)=1, y'(0)=1}$.

Wanying Zhang:
Solution to Problem 2:

Meng Wu:

--- Quote from: Wanying Zhang on February 14, 2018, 10:17:53 AM ---Solution to Problem 2:

--- End quote ---

Prof. Victor would prefer you typing out the solutions xD ( that is if you want the bonus mark)

Wanying Zhang:
The last picture is hard to read, so I upload again. Sorry for that!

Wanying Zhang:
I have trouble typing on the forum so I type it and convert to PDF form. Hope it better.


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