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Xiting Kuang:
Hello all,

Since our required textbook Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems has been sold out in the bookstore and there are no upcoming orders, I’m planning to buy the alternate one without BVP.

As BVP are addressed in Partial Differential Equations, will we cover PDE in our class? If not, it would be safe to buy the alternate one.

Thank you in advance for the answer!

Victor Ivrii:
We cover neither PDE, nor BVP.

Note that you can buy either a paper textbook in store or a digital copy from Wiley (see references). And those are not sold out. According to the poll, 84% of respondents got a digital edition (pdf).

Also, exposure has not changed much from, I would say 6E, or may be even earlier, but problems were added, removed, shaffled. However all home work assignment problems will be available on Quercus, so  if you can get cheaply an earlier edition, you'll be fine

Xiting Kuang:
Thank you Professor.


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