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Keenan Gibson:

I'm a little confused by the pacing of the tutorials. Last week, we had not yet learned the material to do the problems before the tutorial, and my lecturer brought up that that would be how they would always be. So, the tutorial questions will always include topics that we haven't covered in class yet?

I'm confused as to why this has been scheduled this way. It seems to me like that nullifies most of the usefulness of the tutorial. The usefulness being that we could ask for help while using the material we've covered in class to solve the problems.

Thanks for your time.

Victor Ivrii:
Several years ago this class had no tutorials at all. Ideally it should be lectures first, then tutorials, then time for home assignment, then quiz. But it would take too much time and the last weeks material (which is the most demanding) would not be covered tutorials at all. The student having a Lecture in Friday could be enrolled into Tutorial in Tuesday. And that classes start Thursday rather than Monday does not help.

Fortunately, the emphasis in this class is on solving differential equation and here TA shows how to do it. The theory is on the lectures, but there will not be a "big theory" for a while. Sure, there are deep theorems, but they are not for this class simply because it is not a rigorous course and you simply not ready for the rigorous one.

On the lectures we will need to cover the necessary material from Linear Algebra and Calculus II. They are co-requisite but in these classes you will learn this material later than it it is needed in ODE.

So, the answer to your question is "Unfortunately yes, but fortunately due to the nature of the class it would not have a deep impact".

Tzu-Ching Yen:
Will the quizzes cover materials based on lectures, tutorials, or assignments due before the date of the quiz?

Victor Ivrii:
Look at and click on triangle at Quiz-1

Keenan Gibson:
Understood, thanks!


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