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In these type of question, I just find the wronskian and W1 and W2 as this equation was second order and then find their respective U's, So for U1 integrate the division of W1 and W and for the U2 integrate the division of W2 and W. Then you multiply respective U's to your Y's in this case y1 and y2 then add it to your general solution. For a better understanding of this process, I would recommend seeing the example 1 of section 4.4 in the textbook. I think that will clarify how the integral was solved in this question.

when we find the eigenvector from the corresponding eigenvalues shouldn't the vectors be (i, 1)  and (-i, 1)?

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When finding the general solution shouldn't the g(t) be coth(t) instead of cosh(t)?

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