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Example 1 in section 7.6 of the textbook


Shlok Somani:
when we find the eigenvector from the corresponding eigenvalues shouldn't the vectors be (i, 1)  and (-i, 1)?

Tzu-Ching Yen:
Seems to me that the vectors you proposed differ from the ones in textbook by a constant.

Victor Ivrii:
If $\xi$ is an eigenvector, corresponding to eigenvalue $k$, so is $\alpha \xi$ ($\alpha$, $\beta$  are scalars).

If $\xi^{(1)}$ and $\xi^{(2)}$ are eigenvectors, corresponding to the same eigenvalues $k$, so is $\alpha \xi^{(1)} +\beta \xi^{(2)}$

Chutong(Peng) Judy:
After you find the eigenvalue, you need to bring the eigenvalues (such as b) to the matrix ( P - bI ) to obtain the corresponding eigenvectors.


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