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Hi Prof. Ivrii!

I have seen that the announcement on Quercus test 1 page said we would have four question in the test, for main sitting, 1 for first order, 2 for wave, 3&4 for heat(one whole, one half). But the practice past test that you posted is not the same coverage as the announcement, the practice contains:1 for first order, 2 for whole wave, 3 for half wave, and 4 for whole heat. I am so confused and I have checked with Prof. Kennedy, he said the test format he received is the same as the practice, and I make sure with him I am asking about the main sitting. Since I mentioned the difference coverage between practice and announcement, he took a look at something, I think that was internal announcement for instructor maybe, and he told me the format is the same as practice.

So I just want to make sure that tomorrow main sitting, we will have Q1 for first order, Q2 for whole wave, Q3 for half wave and Q4 for whole heat, right?

Victor Ivrii:
Look at samples posted


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