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How I do graphics
« on: October 09, 2015, 05:29:48 PM »
How am I producing graphics? Usually I am using latex with package pdf/tikz which is one of two TeX graphical superbundles (the second one is pstricks). If you have TeXLive distribution (which is a sure but for non-Windows machines) just type on the terminal prompt
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% texdoc pgfand enjoy 1161 pp manual (v. 3.0.1.a). What is more: pdf can use gnu plots to produce data for drawing plots. There are also several 3rd party packages built on the top of pgf (I use tkz-euclide for high-school geometry drawings).

After LaTeX produces pdf I use either
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% convert foo.pdf foo.pngor
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%pdf2svg foo.pdf foo.svg(do not use convert for the second task as it rasterizes vector-graphics). convert is a part of the standard suite ImageMagick while pd2svg I compiled from the source; alternatively one can use Inkscape (which is also can fix bad svg).

Finally I attach png files but  svg I do not attach as they would not be displayed on forum in this case: I upload them on my web server and put URL between omg tags (the bottom-left button)
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