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Term Test 2 arrangement


Victor Ivrii:
* Please select  Option 1 if you do not have a conflict

* If Option 1 does not work for you (you have a conflict), but Option 2 works, select it

* If both Options 1, 2 do not work for you (you have a conflict), but Option 3 works, select it

* If none of the Options work, then email me (ivrii@math.toronto.edu) indicating: that none of the above options work and what other options would work:  Do not email me if any of the options offered works for you

Victor Ivrii:
Due to poll results I conclude that only 2 people want alternate sitting. So i am not booking rooms for them but I will do it right in in my office. Well, I still need to prepare a different problem set for them.

Tristan Fraser:
Just to clarify, this term test will be on the 22nd, correct? Since the most recent email suggests it's on the 20th and I wanted to double check (as the syllabus/course outline says the 22nd).

Victor Ivrii:
Yes, March 22, 2018, Thursday. The 81-st day of the year.

Victor Ivrii:
Late sitting:

18:00--22:00 in Huron 215, room 1008
(come as early as you can)

If the door to the building our floor is locked––email me or call me (cellphone number will be provided during the lecture)


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