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Lecture notes
« on: November 03, 2012, 12:19:22 AM »
I slightly improved format of the last one (Lecture 21)—simply I decided to spend a bit more time, put anchors at subsections (and made a table of content).

Now one can refer (externally or internally) not only to the Lecture itself but to a specific section: section 21.3; ability to refer to specific numbered equation was here already:  (21.19) due to MathJax putting anchors automatically.

This improvements are only for this lecture: lack of time may prevent me to do the same in the next lectures leave alone to go backwards, but for the next class (Fall 2013)  this feature will be implemented for Lectures and Home Assignments and Tests (as they will be included—surely after the test).

P.S. We can end up with the creation of Open Textbook (and probably Open Source Textbook) but it will take several years (faster if we get some help). By no means there will be a conventional textbook or anything for profit.
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