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Victor Ivrii:
One of TAs told me that they got very few HA4. I am concerned about this.

Currently there are only 22 marks for HA4 on BB. Meanwhile marks for HA5 are being entered.

Please advise me through poll if you submitted HA4 and got the mark. Please vote even if everything is normal (either got your mark or have not submitted the paper). Thanks!

Calvin Arnott:
Yes, I submitted this problem set but haven't yet had a mark posted on blackboard for it. This is quite a shame because I remember putting special care into answering these problems and graphing them!

Victor Ivrii:
From TAs: nothing has been lost (so far) but only ~1/3 of HA4 and HA5 has been marked and 2/3 are pending.

Hanqing Liu:
Same thing happened to me, I submitted both HA4 and HA5, but no marks are entered yet. When can we expect those to be marked?

Zarak Mahmud:
Well I got my mark but it would have been nice to have our assignments returned to us sooner so that we could utilize them as an aid in preparation for the upcoming test.


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