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Clarification about Textbook Section 2.1.2


Emily Deibert:
Hi Professor,

In section 2.1.2 of the online textbook ("Constant Coefficients") you have written in the example:

"Consider initial value condition u|t = 0 = f(x). It allows us define Ï•: Ï•(x) = f(x)"
I'm wondering: do you mean that f(x) = 0? Or should the statement read:

Consider initial value condition u|t=0 = f(x)
implying that f(x) is the value of u where t = 0?

Thank you for the help!

Emily Deibert:
To reply to my own question, after reading further in the online textbook it seems clear that the condition was that u(x,0) = f(x), not that f(x) = 0.

Victor Ivrii:
So it turned out to be a misprint which should be reported here. Fixed and following misprint fixed (Definition 1). Thanks!


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