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Clarification about section 2.6


Yumeng Wang:
After I read section 2.6 of online textbook, I find out there are two places need professor to clarify.
1. After equation (7), you have written
   "Therefore, Ï•(x+ct) and ψ(x−ct) are defined respectively as x+ct>0 (which is automatic as x>0,t>0) and x−ct<0 (which is fulfilled only as   x>ct)."  -- Indeed (PS. Don't use red--I use it)
    Should the equation with read color be x−ct>0?
2. Picture "Fig-2.6.2" cannot be displayed. After I checked code of the website, it displayed 404 ERROR (page not found).
    Without this picture, I cannot quite understand context in " 1D Wave equation on the finite interval ". 

Was wrong address for an image. Fixed

Thanks for your assistance.

Victor Ivrii:
Thanks! Please report errors in the corresponding board!


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