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Victor Ivrii:
Using Fourier method find eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of Laplacian in the rectangle $\{0<x<a, <y<b\}$ with Dirichlet boundary conditions:
&u_{xx}+u_{yy}=-\lambda u\qquad 0<x<a,\ 0<y<b,\label{3-1}\\[3pt]

Catch Cheng:
Please correct if something is wrong, thank you.

Rong Wei:
furthermore, we will have λn for U = (pi*n/a)^2 + (pi*n/b)^2

Emily Deibert:

--- Quote from: Catch Cheng on November 19, 2015, 12:43:05 AM ---Please correct if something is wrong, thank you.

--- End quote ---

Catch, I am very confused---why is $Y$ a function of $x$ in your last step?!

Bruce Wu:
I did it a different way. But by Catch's method shouldn't there be the additional constraint that $\lambda=\lambda_1 +\lambda_2$?


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