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Solutions to TT2


Victor Ivrii:
There are my solutions

Emily Deibert:
Professor, I think you have a slight error in the solution to P1. In Eq. 1,7 you have a term $\cos(2nt)$ at the end, but should this not be a function of $x$? As you have Eq. 1.7 right now, there is no $x$-dependence.

Emily Deibert:
Also for solution to P2, should you have $(y+1)^2$ in the denominator of Eq. 2.8, since $(y+1)$ is our $\alpha$?

Victor Ivrii:
Emily, you are right (both times). Fixed

Zaihao Zhou:
Professor, in problem 4, is equation (4.9) possibly wrong? There was no $\pi$ anywhere, same for the result equation (4.10). I think you forgot $\frac{2}{\pi}$


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