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Welcome to the class
« on: September 08, 2016, 06:45:09 AM »
Useful information

Lecture sections

You may switch between L5101 and L0101 before October 1. This was decided between myself, instructor of L0101 Jonathan Korman and Undergraduate Associate Chair of the Department.

Quote from: administration:
the two lecture sections are operating independently from one another.  Students cannot just sit in on the lecture section that works best for their schedule or learning style -- they must go to the section they are registered for and do the term work and final exam for that section. For such a course change, students must contact their college registrar or the Department of Mathematics Undegraduate office.  These changes cannot be executed by students on ROSI.  These changes can be performed by the college registrar without the permission of the Department of Mathematics.

Tutorial sections

You must be enrolled in either T0201 or T5101. Which of them does not really matter: you can attend either or even both  (whatever suits you more the given week). The only limitation (apart of the room capacity): you cannot write the same quiz twice (if you wrote some Quiz  on Wed Tutorial Section, you cannot write the same Quiz with Thu Tutorial Section; if you do it, the latter will be discarded)

Home Work
You may do it individually, with classmate, friend, discuss on forum (the latter is encouraged and even rewarded)--it is not graded! But the Quiz is drAwn from Home Works, so those who failed to complete homework will be in trouble

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