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Readme before posting


Victor Ivrii:
Post solutions to Quiz-1 here, not earlier than Friday, September 28, 18:00, only as responses to topics I create.

You may post solutions to one problem only (not necessarily from your TUT section), but then you may discuss solutions to all of them.

No posts after a "perfect solution" (no errors, properly typed) is posted. You may post scans of the solutions  (see  how to scan using smartphone), but not photos. Still typed solutions are preferred.

If somebody posted a solution, do not post another one "I got a different answer!" unless you point to the flaw in the already posted solution.

Monika Dydynski:
If someone has posted a scanned solution, are we allowed to post a typed solution since typed solutions are preferred? Or does the "no posts after a perfect solution" rule still apply?

Also Mengmeng, i think you took the professor's post too literally. I believe when he writes "Post solutions to Quiz-1 here", he means that we should reply to Quiz 1 questions in the Quiz 1 Board, but directly in response to the question. NOT in response to this post lol

Victor Ivrii:
Yes, perfect solution is typed


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