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Difference Between Lecture Sections


Kathy Ngo:
How closely related are the different lecture sections?
If I were to miss a lecture that I'm enrolled in, can I attend another professors lecture to catch up on the missed material?
Are the midterm/tests the same for all lecture sections?

Victor Ivrii:
We follow the same textbook, using corresponding notations, and trying to go with the same speed, but look: LEC 0101 had just one lecture on Week 1, two other sections had two. Also at Thanksgiving LEC 0101 loses 1 hour. On Week 13 LEC0101 would get 2 hours + 1 makeup while other get just 1.

Vedant Shah:
Will we be writing the same exams and midterms?

Victor Ivrii:

--- Quote from: Vedant Shah on September 20, 2018, 11:52:11 AM ---Will we be writing the same exams and midterms?
--- End quote ---


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