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Yue Xiao:
If anyone is interested in forming a study group for this course to work through problems together, send me a message/email. Let's tackle problems together.

Boyu Zheng:
Lets do this together

Victor Ivrii:
I received the following email:

--- Quote ---2018-2019 Recognized Study Group program, a peer led program for undergraduate students in 100 and 200 level Arts & Sciences courses supported by the Office of the Faculty Registrar’s Student Success team. Please find attached a Word document that provides an explanation of the program and the benefits to students.

Are you interested in joining or forming (leading) a study group?
There are many benefits to starting or joining a study group:
•  Guaranteed regular study time
•  A better understanding of material by working with your peers
•  Meet people in your course/program
•  Gain valuable and transferable leadership skills
•  Access to Faculty of Arts and Science resources and supports
•  Receive Co-Curricular credit
You can find more information, sign up to lead (form) or join a study group online at:

--- End quote ---


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