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L5101: weeks 1--2


Victor Ivrii:
At week 1 we covered Chapter 1 (glanced through) and sections 2.1--2.4 (skipping 2.5) and started section 2.6 (only exact equations).

At week 2 we finish Chapter 2: finish section 2.6—integrating factor, consider some other solvable equations—homogeneous and Bernoulli, section 2.8 (!!) and 2.7. We skip 2.9

Yuan Bian:
So for the first week home assignment, we only need to do that you have links in Notes(sect 1.1-1.3 and sect 2.1,2.2) or all the sections you have covered in week 1?

Victor Ivrii:
Better to cover everything (including part of sect 2.6)


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