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Term Mark calculated


Victor Ivrii:
On BlackBoard you see your Term Mark: TM=ATM+Bonus where ATM=RTM *100/(100-L), ATM is Adjusted Term Mark, RTM=Q_1+Q_2+Q_3+Q_4_Q_5+TT_1+MT+TT_2 is a Row Term Mark, and Bonus =  min(BCL+BF,6), BCL is a class bonus, BF is a Forum Bonus, L means marks you could get for quizzes or tests you missed and submitted Doctor's Notes.

On BlackBoard you will see FE Final Exam Mark (after it is conducted and graded).

I recall that Final Mark will be calculated as  FM= 0.6*max (TM, FE) + 0.4 min (TM, FE) (and rounded) but you will not see it on BlackBoard, only on ROSI.


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