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Victor Ivrii:
I was advised by email

--- Quote ---This morning I was looking through the questions you posted on the FE board, and I noticed that several of those questions were different from those that appeared on my final exam. Particularly, questions 3, 5, and 6.

Was this discrepancy intentional? Did I perhaps choose the one desk with a different draft of the final (if such a draft exists)? If you could clarify the situation it would be greatly appreciated.
--- End quote ---

No, it was not. Probably because draft was rewritten so many times that I lost the track before Prof Milman submitted to Dean's office. I will correct what is posted when I get papers  for grading (I will be doing this after Profs Song and Milman since I am also dealing with the automatic calculations of the Final Grade

Since there is no bonus for these posts my error will have no consequences—and please post corrected version

Victor Ivrii:
I updated problems and posted solutions (some misprints are possible).

I was grading Problems 5 and 6 and should mention that while most did well some students made lots of errors, especially in 6(b)


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