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Final exam graded


Victor Ivrii:
We graded the final exam. You can see your final exam mark and marks for each problem on BlackBoard

Your final grade is calculated as $0.6\max (Term\_Mark, FE\_Mark) + 0.4\min (Term\_Mark, FE\_Mark)$ but there will be some rounding up. Wait until you see it on ROSI (we will submit your marks electronically shortly, but they should be authorized)

You can see solutions (just posted)

If you wrote exam in some special location (except EX340), you need to wait as we did not get your papers yet.

Reminding some rules

If you missed Final Exam you need to deal with the College Registrar. See

About rechecking and regrading see

However, don't do it before you marks come up on ROSI


Victor Ivrii:
Access to FE marks disabled (hopefully temporarily)


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