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Xun Zheng:
Problem 1 (1.5 pt). Consider first order equations and determine if they are linear homogeneous, linear inhomogeneous, or nonlinear (u is an unknown function); for nonlinear equations, indicate if they are also semilinear, or quasilinear:


First, according to the equations of the form Lu=f(x), we have that f=0.

Then, $u_t+xu_x-u=0$ is a homogeneous equation.

Next, we can find the operator L.

Substituting (u+v) and (cu) to the L, we get
$$L(u+v)=L(u)+L(v)   ,$$
Hence, $u_t+xu_x-u=0$ is linear.

Therefore, we get that $u_t+xu_x-u=0$ is a linear homogeneous equation.


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