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Quiz 1 - Variant 2E - Problem 2


Gavrilo Milanov Dzombeta:
$$\text{Find the general solutions to the following equation: }
u_{xx}=x\sin(y) + f(x)\\
u_{x}=\frac{x^2}2\sin(y) + \tilde{f}(x) + h(y) ;\tilde{f}_x=f \\
u= \frac{x^3}6\sin(y) + \tilde{\tilde{f}}(x) + xh(y) + g(y);\tilde{\tilde{f}}_{xx}=f \\ 
\therefore u(x,y)=\frac{x^3}6\sin(y) + \tilde{\tilde{f}}(x) + xh(y) + g(y).\\
\text{Where $f(x),h(y),g(y)$ are arbitrary functions, and $\tilde{\tilde{f}}$ is twice differentiable.}

Victor Ivrii:
Try to avoid high-riser notations. Several years ago I was a referee for a paper which used notations like this $\widehat{\dot{\widetilde{\mathcal{D}}}}$ and sometimes this little pesky dot was missing  :D


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