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Victor Ivrii:
* Please select  Option 1 if you do not have a conflict

* If Option 1 does not work for you (you have a conflict), but Option 2 works, select it

* If both Options 1, 2 do not work for you (you have a conflict), but Option 3 works, select it

* If Options 1, 2, 3 do not work for you (you have a conflict), but Option 4 works, select it

* If none of the Options work, then email me ( indicating: that none of the above options work and what other options would work: (like 9:00-11:00 morning and so on).

Do not email me if any of the options offered works for you.

Please make Subject of email: MAT244-TT1

Victor Ivrii:
I am thankful to all, who voted in the poll but encourage everyone to vote as well.

Also based on you responses I would like to change the "pecking order".  Main time remains  Choice 1, 12:00--14:00 becomes Choice 2, 8--10 (am) and 16--18 become choice 3 and 4 (no particular order, join the one with more votes). Anyone can change the vote , so those, who voted for these two options are encouraged to join the bigger gang (last year 12--14 was the dead last). Those, who indicated "Nothing above works for you" should contact me by email (better sometime between October 8 and 12)

Victor Ivrii:
Early Sitting Poll closes October 03, 2018, 01:24:39 PM. Note that:

• Everyone who has not voted must attend main sitting October 15, 20:00--22:00 or must provide a satisfactory explanation how his/her situation changed after deadline.

• While the early sitting times are fixed to 08:00--10:00, 12:00--14:00, 16:00--18:00, and new votes (before deadline) would not change this, I need to know the size of the rooms to book and the number of copies of the test papers to bring (they are sitting-specific) and those must be made well in advance.

• University rules say that in the case of conflict between Test "out of the regular class hours" and the Class in its regular hours, Class takes the precedence (and I need to find an accommodation). In the case of the conflict with other Test, also "out of the regular class hours", I and that Class coordinator must work together  to find an accommodation. And then I ask that class coordinator how large is that class and how many early sittings do they provide ...

• University rules also say that all other reasons are to my discretion (students with accessibility issues are handled by the Accessibility Office). I do not request any reasons from those who selected early sittings and voted for them before the deadline.

• If you are writing with the  Accessibility Office, please, register with them well in advance as well. You may choose any sitting of four (main and three early sittings), then they send me the request for test papers. Since we use Crowdmark, all papers have individual Q-codes and cannot be copied, but must be printed individually, so I need to know the number of papers to provide.

• Sure, we always have a reasonable number of extra copies, but  do not count on it!

Victor Ivrii:
October 15, Monday

Early sittings:

08:00--10:00 BA 2165 Bahen Centre (40/50) [students/room capacity] (*)

12:00--14:00 EX 320  Exam Centre  (105/120)

16:00--18:00 EX 300 Exam Centre  (14/108) (*)

Main Sitting

20:00--22:00 EX 100 Exam Centre  (307/309)  [Last name: Aa--Ma]

20:00--22:00 EX 200 Exam Centre  (320/336)  [Last name: Mc--Zz]

Note: Those who are in the category "nothing works" need to contact me by email next week, to discuss an accommodation. Or they can join any sitting (and send me email).

Note: If you need to write with the different sitting than you selected, please send me email, explaining the reasoning  and wait to my response. You cannot just walk in (exception:  main sitting): we may not have a test paper for you.

Note: For early sittings "students" mean students who voted for this sitting. For main sitting: the total number of students.

Note: No aids (including calculators!). Your cellphones must be in your backpacks and either switched off or in the silent alarm mode!

Note: You shall not fold or crumple the test paper! It can jam the scanner.

Note: You shall use either pen (dark blue or black only) or ordinary pencils (HB or B) in which case you should have enough sharp pencils with you. No mechanical pencils or color pencils or dull ordinary pencils are allowed (their writing could be unreadable after scan in which case the corresponding paper will be graded without using Crowdmark and may be much later).

(*) ends up sharp (due to some reasons). So come earlier.

You must have a T-card with you. If you do not have it, have any government issued ID and your Student ID number written on the paper.

Student ID number  is purely numerical, like 314159265359 and not alphanumerical Quercus Login ID like krazykat2

Important Front page is in attachment. You must fill it (PRINT) without any corrections. System will recognize you (otherwise we will need to enter your data manually and it can lead to waste of time for us and delays for you). If you are not sure if you can do it properly––download, print, and try.

Victor Ivrii:
08:00--10:00 and 12:00--14:00 are completely full.


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