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General Question related to something in Section 4.1


I was working on the practice term tests in preparation for TT3 next week, and for Question 2a in both 2018S-TT2 and 2019S-TT2, we are asked to find the Wronskian for the given higher-order linear ODE. So, what I did to solve these questions was use the generalized Abel's Theorem that was proven as an exercise in the textbook in Section 4.1, Question 15d (pg 174 of Boyce diPrima). However, I couldn't remember seeing this result covered in lecture nor could I find any trace of it in my written notes. Thus, my question is: would it be okay to use the generalized Abel's Theorem to find the Wronskian for a higher-order linear ODE on the test, should we run into a question like that?

Victor Ivrii:
For higher order equations it is covered in MAT244-LEC0201-W6L2 (see modules). It is mandatory material.


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