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MT Problem 4

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Devangi Vaghela:
This is my solution!

Jeong Yeon Yook:

Branden Zipplinger:
there needs to be a correction in my solution: I said r = 2i when its other part of the conjugate pair, -2i, was not mentioned. and I should have subbed the r's with a 1,2, and 3 respectively for good notation

Victor Lam:
I'm a lil late :D, but here's a quick way to find Y(particular). A slower "coefficients" method can also verify that A = 1/13

Victor Ivrii:
Guys, are you showing that you have no idea how to scan or to post (Matthew posted it first in the wrong forum)? I decided to distribute several karma points just to encourage those with very few if any


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