Author Topic: Missing reference in HA5 (Problems to 3.2)  (Read 2509 times)

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Missing reference in HA5 (Problems to 3.2)
« on: October 17, 2015, 06:08:03 PM »
Hi Professor, I noticed that in Remark 1 in HA5 question 7, you have a link to an equation written as (???).

Fixed. It is not a missing but broken reference. In LaTeX if \ref {mylabel} is written (without space) (and \ref has some variants like \pageref, \footref and some package-specific) but \label{mylabel} is missing (or misspelled) then \ref{mylabel}  appears.  MathJax has only \ref

PS On our forum \ref{x} appears as an emoticon ??? (one needs to be careful with these things on forums, blogs, etc)

Oops, sorry about that! -Emily
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