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Victor Ivrii:
Find the general solution of the given differential equation. Leave your answer in terms of one or more integrals.
y'''-y'' + y'-y = \sec (t), \qquad -\frac{\pi}{2} < t < \frac{\pi}{2}.

Ka Hou Cheok:

The responding characteristic equation is $$r^3-r^2+r-1=0$$ and we get $r_1=1, r_2=i, r_3=-i$. So $$y_c=c_1e^t+c_2\cos(t)+c_3\sin(t)$$


$$u_1=\int \frac{(\sec(t))(1)}{2e^t}dt\\
u_2=\int \frac{(\sec(t))(e^t(\sin(t)-\cos(t))}{2e^t}dt\\
u_3=\int \frac{(\sec(t))(e^t(-\sin(t)-\cos(t))}{2e^t}dt$$

e^t\int \frac{(\sec(t))(1)}{2e^t}dt+
\cos(t)\int \frac{(\sec(t))(e^t(\sin(t)-\cos(t))}{2e^t}dt+
\sin(t)\int \frac{(\sec(t))(e^t(-\sin(t)-\cos(t))}{2e^t}dt$$

As the question stated my answer can be in terms of one or more integrals, hopefully I can stop here.

Yangming Cai:
I am so impressed with your speed.

Ka Hou Cheok:

--- Quote from: Yangming Cai on November 06, 2013, 09:08:39 PM ---I am so impressed with your speed.

--- End quote ---

I would take it as a compliment. Thanks.
I'm impressed and appreciate your results of the integrals. I was too lazy to integrate them.

Victor Ivrii:
I replaced
--- Code: --- sin , cos , sec
--- End code ---
--- Code: ---\sin, \cos, \sec
--- End code ---
and keyboard sign of integral by
--- Code: ---\int
--- End code ---


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