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Kristian Koschany:
So, I've looked through the Course Outline and the Home Assignments list several times, but I can't figure out when we need to have read and completed the Home Assignments for each textbook section.

Is there a schedule that will be added to the course webpage soon? It's difficult to organise this course around my others if I am not sure when I need to have sections completed by.

Victor Ivrii:
Completed Homework Assignments will not be collected (nor marked). Instead given without warning Quizzes (approximately 15-20min long)
will contain two problems from the Homework of the preceding the respective Quiz weeks. (Each of the 5 Quizzes is worth 4% of the
Term Mark.)

So, you need to solve problems from the sections  in our textbook the material was covered in the lectures of the week preceding the respective Quiz (so, before your class starts you should solve problems of the preceding weeks).

Kristian Koschany:
I understand the quiz process, but there is nothing on the course webpage indicating which textbook sections are to be covered in each lecture week. How am I supposed to obtain this information - just from my instructor at the beginning of each lecture?

Victor Ivrii:
At the end of each lecture either instructor tells you which sections have been covered or you just match to textbook. Also you may ask on forum.

Note that the Day section will lag behind Night sections by 1 hour after Thanksgiving and by 3 hours after Fall break.

BTW, you (screen) Name should include also your last name. Read here:

Mohamad-Kheir Sleiman:
I think I have the same concern. I understand that that I will know what sections will have been covered after each lecture and that I have to do the corresponding home assignment by the next one to be prepared for the possible quiz. But I would really appreciate it if I could know what sections are to probably be covered before the lecture so that I could read over the material and be able to keep up with the pace of your teaching.


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