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Advice on how to get faster?

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Devin Jeanpierre:
Evening section/Lash-Miller person here. I did not come close to finishing the term test. I knew how to solve every problem, given enough time, but that's not really good enough.

It's not a very specific question, but does anyone have any advice for how to get faster at this for the midterm? Like, uh, maybe it would help if you said how much time you spend per week doing questions?

I'll find out if there were any technique differences when others post their answers to the problems. Like, I know I worked faster by using the in-class version of undetermined coefficients, but maybe I missed out on something when I missed the lecture that covered the wronskian... I don't know.

Brian Bi:
I talked to a few people at random. Based on my sample, I believe that very few people were able to finish.

Jason Hamilton:
I couldn't finish everything either, I had to leave a few integrals unsolved to finish the questions in time. 45min for this test was simply not enough time.

Devin Jeanpierre:
There's not finishing and then there's not finishing.

I completed #1, #3, and #2a, but #1 had a mistake I couldn't find. I did not get anywhere (other than to state the roots) with #4, and I was in the middle of a long (and probably erroneous) computation for #2b.

Overall, not feeling so good about my grade. The way I figure it, in the best case I get maybe a 60%, and that's if people are nice marking -- but it's more likely I'll get a 40%, considering how harshly the quizzes were graded with regards to computation errors.

Alexander Jankowski:
I am in the same position. I did no homework and relied purely on theory (as opposed to experience) in my solutions. Any of those questions are easily solvable in an adequate amount of time, but when time is as constrained as it was on the test, knowledge of shortcuts is the only way to score a flawless victory.


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