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TT2 and FE


Victor Ivrii:
TT2 went rather smoothly, but with some exceptions

1) Very few students disobeyed instructions "Stop writing". On FE CPO (Chief Presiding Officer, aka Dean's representative) will be doing with such issues, and there will be rather serious repercussions.

2) Not all students followed  sitting instructions and it made signature collection longer and more complicated. Please follow these instructions on FE, which will be exactly in the same rooms. However, without early sittings, approximately 40 extra students will be in each room. CPO will collect signatures.

3) Someone wrote a part of the solution on the provided scrap paper. When this was discovered, I allowed to copy one-to-one to the booklet immediately after exam, since Crowdmark grading of anything which is not in the booklet is almost impossible; so without some efforts this solution would be lost. I am not sure if CPO would allow such resque. Remember: scrap paper is not submitted, and if submitted, just discarded.


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