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When should we expect the marks?


Jerry Qinghui Yu:
When should be expect the marks for final, bonuses and quiz 5 update? Thanks.

Victor Ivrii:
for  Quizzes and Bonuses Fri
Final -- I hope Fri (actually, I am required to do it in 7 business days)  but it depends on circumstances beyond my control. First, other graders. I graded the most difficult to grade P5 in 4 days, then I graded MAT334, and some of graders still have not finished. If they finish tonight, I will do my overhead overnight and submit Friday morning.

Second, marks need to be approved. If they are not approved by our undergraduate chair and then Dean's office before 5 pm, they are delayed until the first day of the next semester, and I am not allowed to release Crowdmark links until their approval.


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