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Quiz 5 explanation (was Unfair quiz)

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Zirun Hong:
In last Friday, our quiz is not in 7.1-7.3,it is in 7.5, resulting in bad grades in that time (I don’t think I am the only person). Could we be given additional chance to drop this grades?Or just take second time of the quiz that is in 7.1-7.3? Thank you.

Victor Ivrii:
This is a false claim. There are problems from Section 7.1 suggesting to reduce the system to a single 2nd order equation and solve it using skills from Chapter 3. It is different from the "normal way" to solve such systems taught in Section 7.5.

These problems were part of the home assignment of Week 8:

There were several such problems. In BDP10 they are 7.1.8--7.1.11 and algorithm is described in details in problem 7.1.7; in BDPM11 -- 7.1.7--7.1.9 and 7.1.6, correspondingly. And looking on the Forum you can see how it works.

Why we do need then to study all the machinery of Section 7.5? Mainly because the described algorithm does not explain the structure of the solution, obtained by a reduction to one higher-order equation. And in some exceptional cases this algorithm does not work.

Dhruv Patel:
I think we were given the wrong quiz for that week as we did not get the question that is posted on the forum under the topic of Quiz 5 for TUT0601. We were given a different question which was not to be covered in that quiz (ie from Section 7.5). For Quiz 5 we were expected to study 7.1,7.2,7.3. I would like to know if that quiz grade could be dropped?

Victor Ivrii:
I checked what I have on my computer... looks like what I posted on forum... Can u reproduce the question -- there could be some mishap (brought the wrong file to printshop?)

Jerry Qinghui Yu:
Can we have a followup for this?


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