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Final Exam Scope?

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Ende Jin:
What will be covered in the final? Since on the schedule, a conformal mapping is still something marked as "(if permits)".

Victor Ivrii:

Nikita Dua:
Yes I have the same question is 3.4 on exam?

Victor Ivrii:

--- Quote from: Nikita Dua on December 01, 2018, 12:37:09 PM ---Yes I have the same question is 3.4 on exam?

--- End quote ---

You need to be able to solve problems on TT1 + TT2 + Q7

Min Gyu Woo:
So we need to know how to do TT1 + TT2 + Q7 ***AND*** the Sample Final correct?

Also, the Sample Final contains questions about the stretch and rotation angle of a mobius transformation. Isn't that part of Chapter 3.4? I don't see anything in 3.3 that discusses rotation and stretch.


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