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Timur Galiullin:
What chapters will be covered in test1?
Will graph sketching be involved?
Direction fields?

Victor Ivrii:
All material we cover in Chapters 1--3 including this week: namely, from Chapter 3 linear homogeneous equations with simple real roots (3.2), double real roots (3.4), complex roots (3.3) and also inhomogeneous equations with quasi polynomial right hand expressions (3.5) and method of variations of parameters. There could be Euler equation (problem 34 on p  166).

There are three handouts
* Handout 4--to section 3.5 (Linear ODEs with constant coeffcients).
* Handout 4b--to section 3.5 (Euler equations).
* Handout 4c--to section 3.6 (Summarizing Method of Variation of Parameters, section 3.6).

Also material we covered in Chapters 1, 2.

Chang Peng (Eddie) Liu:
Hi Prof. Ivrii,

Can you please also state the materials that might be on the test from chapters 1 and 2, like listing each section like you did for chapter 3?


Victor Ivrii:
TT1 could include any material from Chapters 1, 2 (sections which we covered)

Chang Peng (Eddie) Liu:
Hi Prof. Ivrii,

Do you mind going over the sections that we covered in chapters 1 and 2? Just so I make sure I don't study things we didn't go over!



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