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Victor Ivrii:
Find the general solution and determine the type of behavior near the origin of the the system of ODEs
&x'_t= -6x + 5y\ , \\
&y'_t= -5x + 4y .

Shuyang Wang:
\begin{equation*} \textbf{x}'=\begin{pmatrix}\hphantom{-}-6 & 5\\\hphantom{-}-5 &4 \end{pmatrix}\textbf{x}\ . \end{equation*}

find eigenvalues

\begin{equation*} \det (A - rI) = \left|\begin{matrix}-6 - r &5\\-5&  4 - r\end{matrix}\right| =  r^2+ 2r + 1 = 0\implies r_1=r_2=-1\end{equation*}

then, find eigenvectors

\begin{equation*} \begin{pmatrix} -6 - r & \hphantom{-}5\\  \hphantom{-}-5 &4 -r\end{pmatrix}\begin{pmatrix}\mathbf{\xi}_1\\\mathbf{\xi}_2\end{pmatrix}=\begin{pmatrix}0\\0\end{pmatrix} \end{equation*}


\begin{equation*}\mathbf{\xi}^1 =\begin{pmatrix}1\\1\end{pmatrix}\end{equation*}

generalized eigenvector

\begin{equation*} \begin{pmatrix} -6 - r & \hphantom{-}5\\  \hphantom{-}-5 &4 -r\end{pmatrix}\mathbf{\xi}^2=\mathbf{\xi}^1 \end{equation*}
\begin{equation*} \mathbf{\xi}^2=\begin{pmatrix}0\\1/5\end{pmatrix}\end{equation*}


\begin{equation*}\mathbf{x}(t)= C_1e^{-t}\begin{pmatrix}1\\1\end{pmatrix}+ C_2e^{-t}\left(  t \begin{pmatrix}1\\1\end{pmatrix} + \begin{pmatrix}0\\1/5\end{pmatrix}\right)\end{equation*}

phase portrait(improper node, stable)

Chang Peng (Eddie) Liu:
I just showed the steps for finding the second eigenvector..

After that, you would proceed to plug it into the standard general equation for a repeated eigenvalue question.

Chang Peng (Eddie) Liu:
Graph of #4

Alex Hang:
Eddie, shouldn't it be asymptotically stable?


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