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Term Test 2 arrangement


Victor Ivrii:
At Term Test 1 the requests to get to early sittings were accepted after the deadline (subject to the space and test booklets availability). At Term Test 2 such requests will be honoured only in the case of emergencies

Victor Ivrii:
Main sitting: 20:10--22:00
A--O   EX 100
P--Z   EX  200
(exactly as on the Final Exam). See sitting schemes inside each of these rooms in attachments. Following it will help us to collect signatures faster.
Please, follow this scheme on the Final Exam as well

Noon sitting: 12:10--14:00 @ EX 320

Morning sitting: 08:10--10:00 @ HU1018
(Huron 215, by elevator to the 9th floor and by stairs to the 10th floor)

Those students, who voted for "Nothing above works": can join any sitting or to email me during week Nov 12--18 for accommodation.
Anyone may change his/her sitting  to the main sitting without sending me a request.
Anything else, only in the case of the real emergencies.


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