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Term Mark
« on: April 09, 2013, 07:27:14 AM »
I calculated term marks. Again as I mentioned

* TT1, TT2, MT there was bonus question but all marks are capped by 20, 20, 40 respectively.
* You can see your class bonus mark. It is capped by 4. It is what I got from your section instructor.
* I entered Web (forum) bonus mark but those of you who get karma points from now until all exam solutions are posted and discussed (I guess it will be around April 22) will have this mark changed (and Bonus, Sum and Term Mark recalculated). WB = karma *.4 but rounded up to the nearest integer or half-integer. Recall that it is capped by 4 as well.
* Bonus (sum of two previous) has been also entered; it is capped by 6.
* You can also see field L: it shows you legitimately missed tests and quizzes (according to documents you presented to Class Coordinator Professor Milman). In case of discrepancy please talk to him during his office hours.
** If L>50 we put instead it in the field R. In this case Term Mark will not be part of the final grade. The decision will rest with Professor Milman
* Sum =  TT1 + TT2 +  MT + Q1--Q5, Bonus.
* TM (Term Mark) is equal to Sum, but scaled for those with L>0: Term Mark = Sum /(1- L*0.01). Again it is rounded up to the nearest integer or half-integer.

Recall that the FG (Final Grade) will be

FG = 0.6 * max(TM, FE) + 0.4 * min (TM, FE)

where FE is your mark for the Final Exam. Again it will be rounded up.