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Quiz 2 / Re: Quiz 2 3.4 #14
« on: October 01, 2014, 11:21:32 PM »

With all due respect, this question should not have been on the quiz. The course website states the following: "Each consecutive quiz covers homework from the previous quiz up to and including the week preceding the week this quiz is administered."

According to Dr. Ivrii's post last Wednesday, the coverage for last week's lecture was upto 3.2. I did the questions upto that section and was prepared for the other question on the quiz. The questions for 3.4 were never assigned and therefore I believe they should not have been on today's quiz. I'm sure my classmates will agree that although the question wasn't super difficult, we were not told to prepare for it and therefore did not prepare.

Thank you,
Michael Boutros

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