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Victor Ivrii:

* Test 1 February 13 (Wednesday), 20:30—21:15, EX 200
* MidTerm March 6 (Wednesday), 20:00—21:30, EX 200
* Test 2 March 27 (Wednesday), 20:30—21:15, EX 200
All conflicts should be reported in person to class coordinator Professor P. Milman during his office hours (Thu 10:00—11:00 in the office BA 6230, and Wed 21:00–21:30, after the lecture, in LM 162).

Victor Ivrii:
For TT1, MT and TT2:

The night lectures start as usual and continued without any break until 30-25 min before test; then we go to EX

Do not forget your T-cards!


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