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TT2 Question 1


Matthew Cristoferi-Paolucci:
\left\{ \begin{array}{ll}

Iven Poon:
My super high quality solution for question 1.

Victor Lam:
my solution

Victor Ivrii:
Matthew' solution is correct but in some way incomplete: since two eigenvalues are complex (and complex conjugate) there are two forms of solutions: a complex form and he found only the complex form; Iven and Victor found both. despite Victor' solution looks different it is not: in fact he got the same eigenvector albeit multiplied by factor $-2i$ (which be also an eigenvector) and this is the source of "discrepancy".

Victor Lam:
It appears that I have left out a negative sign in my previous scan. My apologies. For completion, I have fixed the error in red in the re scan.


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