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Review lecture


Victor Ivrii:
I am planning to make a review lecture before exam—either April 15 or 16. Please respond via poll about more convenient time.

Unfortunately it is impossible to accommodate all wishes; availability of the large enough lecture hall is another constrain.

As I need to book a room I will close this poll coming Sunday.

Please select all time slots convenient for you.

Victor Ivrii:
We will start at Monday, April 15 at 15:10 in MC 102 (Mechanical Engineering Bldg, 5 King's College Road) I reserved it until 18:00

Victor Ivrii:
Again, scope of the final exam:

All material we covered from Chapters 1--4, 7 and 9. In particular, from Chapter 9 sections 9.1--9.5; there will be no problems on knowledge of population dynamics models but they provide insight how to analyze general and integrable systems on the plane.

Nothing beyond coverage of TT1, MidTerm, TT2 and Quizzes 1--5.


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