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Term Test 2 arrangement


Victor Ivrii:
Note that Term Test 2 will be March 20 rather than March 13

* Please select  Option 1 if you do not have a conflict

* If Option 1 does not work for you (you have a conflict), but Option 2 works, select it

* If both Options 1, 2 do not work for you (you have a conflict), but Option 3 works, select it

* If none of the Options work, then email me ( indicating: that none of the above options work and what other options would work: (like 9:00-11:00 morning and so on).

Do not email me if any of the options offered works for you. In contrast to Term Test 1 emails "Sorry, I forgot to vote, can I come to the early sitting?" will not be accepted kindly

I remind that in the Subject of email must be MAT244 present.

Victor Ivrii:
Morning sitting : 8:00--10:00 BA 3116

Day sitting: 15:00--17:00 EX 300

Main sitting: EX100 (A-L) and EX200 (M-Z) 20:00--22:00
Do not forget to indicate  your tutorial sections (it should be a number, not a time slot, not a name of TA) ; this is where you will get your test paper back.

Also, do not forget to mark your lecture section. Do not forget to put the first letter of your last name into a top left corner.

Following these instructions help to return your TT2 to the right place.

Victor Ivrii:
Section  3.6 and Chapters 4 and 7 of the textbook (10-th or 11-th--does not matter).


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