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Term Test 1 scope


Victor Ivrii:
Test 1 covers

Ch. 1. Sections 1.1--1.6

Ch. 2. Sections 2.1, 2.2

I do not have my own samples of the tests from the previous years for this class, but there are from other instructors –– so they are presented "as is" (keep in mind, that then there were short Test1 and Test3 and a longer Test2).



So not everything in old Test 2 is in our Test 1

Victor Ivrii:

If you look at page 42 of the textbook (section 1.4) you will find the series. In the test there will be no decomposition of the functions into power series, no differentiation or integration of power series, just determine the radius of the convergence (by either ratio test or root test) and determine what happens if $|z-z_0|=R$. Basically it is Calculus I material (and completely covered by Section 1.4). And then you had a radius of convergence and the interval of convergence.

Radius of convergence remains and the interval is replaced by a disk. Nothing new.

Further, in "old test 1" which was in the course earlier than our Test 1, there is such question.


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