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Term Test 2 arrangement


Victor Ivrii:
Term Test 2: November 23 (Friday). Duration: 110 min

At Term Test 1 the requests to get to early sittings were accepted after the deadline (subject to space and test booklets availability). At Term Test 2 such requests will be honoured only in the case of emergencies

Victor Ivrii:
Main sitting: 20:10--22:00
A--W   EX 200
X--Z    EX 320
In EX200 follow the sitting scheme in the attachment. It will help us with collecting signatures

Noon sitting: 12:10--14:00 @ EX 320

Morning sitting: 08:10--10:00 @ HU1018
(Huron 215, by elevator to the 9th floor and by stairs to the 10th floor)

Those students, who voted for "Nothing above works": can join any sitting or to email me during week Nov 12--18 for accommodation.
Anyone may change his/her sitting  to the main sitting without sending me a request.
Anything else, only in the case of the real emergencies.


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