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Chapter 4.2, Example 6


Zicheng Ding:
In chapter 4.2, example 6, I was a little confused about the notation. My understanding is that $\omega_n$ are the roots for equation $\tan(\omega l) = \frac{(\alpha + \beta)\omega}{\omega^2 - \alpha\beta}$, so should the equation for $X_n$ be $X_n = \omega_n \cos(\omega_n x) + \alpha\sin(\omega_n x)$ instead of $X_n = \omega \cos(\omega_n x) + \alpha\sin(\omega_n x)$ (the first $\omega$ change to $\omega_n$)? I attached a screenshot of the example.

Another minor thing that I noticed is that for homework assignment 6/7, it said problems 1-11 for section 4.1 and 4.2, but there are no problem 11 in neither textbook version, so I guess it was a typo on Quercus.

Victor Ivrii:
Indeed, fixed. For consistency added index $_n$ to similar places of Example 4.2.7

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