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How to prepare to TT2 and Final


Victor Ivrii:
One of the students sent me PM

--- Quote ---So I think I understand the material very well. I can do all the assigned homework questions and the past TT2 and final exam questions very quickly without assistance. However I am hesitant to believe I am prepared because I felt the same way before the midterm/TT1 and those were much harder than the ones in the past or the homework.

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I disagree that TT1 was harder than it was in the previous years. It had the same level of difficulty. Simply solving at home without time pressure feels easier.

--- Quote ---I am looking for advice on how to better prepare myself for this one. Are there harder questions in the textbook I should try? Should I keep going over computational methods or should I be going over the theoretical questions at the end of the chapters instead?

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I suggest to look at past tests and finals for Spring classes. They are pretty similar. What I suggest: not just solve; look for solution on the forum, compare with your solution, follow a discussion if there was any. Try computer simulation and compare with what you got, if there are discrepancies try to explain: as in discrepancy does not necessarily mean that your solution is wrong but understanding why there is a discrepancy is useful.



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