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Q6 TUT 0101


Victor Ivrii:
The coefficient matrix contains a parameter $\alpha$.

(a)  Determine the eigenvalues in terms of $\alpha$.
(b)  Find the critical value or values of  $\alpha$  where the qualitative nature of the phase portrait for the system changes.
(c) Draw a phase portrait for a value of  $\alpha$ slightly below, and for another value slightly above, each critical value.
$$\mathbf{x}' =\begin{pmatrix}
\frac{5}{4} &\frac{3}{4}\\
\alpha & \frac{5}{4}

Qing Zong:
This is my solution

Jiacheng Ge:
My answer is different.

Victor Ivrii:
Both solutions are barely readable (one due to poor handwriting, second due to making crappy snapshot instead of scanning). The second is complete, but one should explain how "it is different".


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