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No. I think it should be $(2n+2) \cdot (2n+1) $in the denominator. The last line of my equation in previous comment is the same stuff. Since (2n+2)=2(n+1), then cancel out the same term on denominator and numerator. If I didn't make myself clear pls comment below :)

Thx, but I meant in the very first post with a screenshot of the official solution it has 1/2n(2n+1),so I was just confused as to which one was the correct answer.

Sorry I didn't not make myself clear on this, I think the answer has a typo. The denominator in the original screenshot should be $(2n+2)\cdot(2n+1) $ :)

Maria-Clara Eberlein:
Ok if it has a typo then that makes sense, thank you!


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